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I have big news!  For years I have been advising my patients how to take care of themselves while they were expecting.  Let’s face it, pregnancy is hard on your body and it’s important to be mindful of what you are using to help keep your skin beautiful and with a healthy glow.   So, hear at my ocean oasis day spa I developed “Oasis by Dr. Lisa Masterson” a line of Doctor Approved skincare especially for anyone who wants to keep their skin Radiant and glowing.


Here is what you'll recieve:


Refreshing: my Botanical Cleansing Oil - 

For All Skin Types:

If you have Dry, Dehydrated, Oily, Mature, or Sensitive skin, this Lightweight oil-to-lotion cleanser rinses away both oil- and water-soluble debris leaving your skin refreshed and awake.


• Perfect for heavy makeup, waterproof mascaras, deeply embedded impurities & environmental pollution


• Use this as a pre-cleanse 




2:  Nourishing: Vitamin A,C & E Moisturizing Cream 

Designed to promotes collagen production, it locks in hydration and promotes skin normalcy during pregnancy. this formulation helps with the mask of pregnancy.  Stable Vitamin C ensures maximum benefit and delivery • Vitamins A & three forms of E protect from aging free radicals • its Long-lasting moisture reservoir penetrates in between skin cells to make your skin feel ready for anything.


3: Gorgeous: Pumpkin & Pumice Body Prepping exfoliate

Made to exfoliate body skin to absorb moisture better.  best for mamas belly hips thighs and arms. 


4: Confidence’ Nipple & Body Firming lotion.

This organic, vegan, paraben free lotion, cures rough skin, locks in moisture, and promotes collagen production which wont erase stretch marks but can minimize appearance of new ones. i recommend you start using this pre-pregnancy during and post. It’s made with avocado & Q10



5: Illuminating: Brightening Serum

Loaded with Vitamin c which i believe is the bee's knees of ingredients because it gobbles up the skin damaging free radicals while giving brighter, ( like way brighter ) smoother and hydrated skin, fresh skin

Noticeably smooths lines & wrinkles – discourages blackheads

• Fades the appearances of discoloration mask of pregnancy

• the No-sting, stable formula prolongs vitamin action 



6: Empowering: Botanical Zinc Mask 

This is made to spot treat hormone based pregnancy breakouts also perfect for  women's cycle breakout. You’re going to want to keep this handy!


Oasis by Dr. Lisa Masterson

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